Sunday, October 12, 2014

From "Sentimiento y Manana" to "Radio Habana"

Leyla and Victor their beautiful place.

Valencia and 22 San Francisco California

They are respect, support and continue the Cuban Tradition and Culture, in especial Afro-Cuban Music "La Rumba"

"Radio Habana" A magical place, welcoming atmosphere where the 2 and the 4 Sundays of the month opens its doors to everybody, especially for the Cuban community.

They have a delicious coofe, bar, and Cuban food

Leyla make exquisite Sangria.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Welcome" Nancy Morejon" "Sentimiento y Manana" Celebrando tu 70 Aniversario today at Emerald Tablet 80 Fresno St. San Francisco (in North Beach)

"Nancy Morejon"

Celebrando tu 70 Aniversario today at Emerald Tablet 80 Fresno St. San Francisco (in North Beach)

with "Sentimiento y Manana"

According to Google Nancy Morejón Havana, 1944  is a Cuban poet, critic, essayist.
She graduated with honors at the University of Havana, having studied Caribbean and French Literature, and she is fluent in French and English. She later taught French. She is a well-regarded translator of French and English into Spanish, particularly Caribbean writers, including Edouard Glissant, Jacques Roumain and Aimé Césaire, René Depestre. Her own poetry has been translated into English, German, French, Portuguese, Gallego, Russian, Macedonian, and others. She is as of 2013 director of Revista Union, journal of the UNEAC, Union of Writers and Artists; in 2008 she was elected president of the writer's section of Unión de Escritores y Artistas de Cuba (UNEAC).
She has produced a number of journalistic, critical, and dramatic works. One of the most notable is her book-length treatments of poet Nicolás Guillén. In 1986 she won the Cuban "Premio de la crítica" (Critic's Prize) for Piedra Pulida, and in 2001 won Cuba's National Prize for Literature,  awarded for the first time to a black woman. This national prize for literature was created in 1983; Nicolás Guillén was the first to receive it. She also won the Golden Wreath of the Struga poetry evenings for 2006. She has toured extensively in the United States and in other countries; her work has been translated into over ten languages, including English, Swedish and German.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Sentimiento y Manana 

Sigan la noticia
fallow the news

Over 50 people attended Juan Pescao Stable’s “Sentimiento and Manana” Rumba performance last Sunday afternoon at the Prescott Joseph Center in West Oakland.

During the performance, members of the audience were asked to dance and learn some new moves, cheered on by friends and family members. There were some technical issues with the microphone, prompting an intermission, and people went inside the center to view the art show featuring a variety of paintings from artists such as Bertrell Smith.

Rumba is a form of Afro-Cuban music that features percussive rhythms, song and ballroom dance. The name derives from the Cuban Spanish word rumbo, which means“party” or “spree.”

The three main forms of rumba are yambú, guaguanco, and Columbia, which differ in choreography and the pace. Guaguanco is a seductive couples dance, Columbia is a fast and highly acrobatic solo male dance, and Yambú is a couple dance similar to guaguancó but much slower.

“We want to keep the tradition going whether we’re in Old Havana or Oakland,” said Stable. “For many Cubans, Rumba is spiritual and we play the music for our ancestors.”

Stable was a member of a group of professional Rumberos from Santiago de Cuba and from Guantanamo. Stable grew up in Guantanamo where he learned the songs, chants, and percussions to play rumba.

Stable said this was the group’s first time performing at the Prescott-Joseph Center and hopes to have more shows at the venue in the future.

57 Gallery

My son Malcolm Stable - Martinez he is a talent

Malcolm Stable-Martinez a talent Afrocubano

Rumba Cubana in "El Palenque" on 2007 with Union Rumbera group.

Afro-Cuban Music special Rumba 

PNN-TV: Reviews of the Revolution an interview with Juan Estable

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